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Born 1952, into railway family in Takapau, New Zealand.

There was no conscious decision to be Artist.

I have produced a lot of Creative Programmes, workshops and courses, alongside numerous public and private murals, installations and commissions over 30+ years.

I am primarily self-taught. There are usually a number of pieces developing alongside each other, often separated by style and intention.
I do not reside entirely in one gender or technique but remain unique from that which drives me.
I wrote myself an insight so many years ago: “To paint, aware of a direction into the market, will impede the truth behind the brush.” I am not flush, but I am free.

Most of my intrinsic work is acrylic on prepared hardboard.

I have exhibited regularly, and have work spread around the globe.
My most recent exhibition was 'I am of this' in Palmerston North City’s Te Manawa Gallery of Art, Science and History in 2018.

My view: We exist among bizarre, intricately woven structures of persuasion. Some chase the 'forever' hope, but most swoon to the sideshow of convenience we have evolved.
The falsity of 'want' has usurped the fact of 'need'.
As an Artist I need to create images to such ‘statements'.


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